The centerpiece of the Air Defense Wing seal is the majestic Philippine Eagle, with its keen vision, spread-out wings, open talons and sharp beak representing the bold willingness of the men and women of the Air Defense Wing to carry out the mandated task in defense of the Republic of the Philippines which is silhouetted in the background. The three white concentric rings with two bearing markers represent the radar scope that covers the sovereign airspace of the Philippine archipelago of which the Air Defense Wing is mandated to defend. The two lightning bolts represent the striking weapons and communication electronic networks centrally controlled. The three silhouettes of fighter aircraft represent the main platform that will defend the Republic against any intruder. White and red rings respectively, signify that the Wing is vigilant in peace and a strategic offensive weapon in war. Gold and blue borders are the Wing's colors, the golden character that never will be tarnished as the men and women of the Air Defense Wing soar into the wild blue yonder.

Brief History

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